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Road Vehicles - ISO 15118: Vehicle to Grid Communication Interface

This is an international standard that defines communication protocol between the charging station and the electric vehicle. ISO 15118 was developed by a committee consisting of experts from both the automotive and utility industries.

ISO 15118 has different parts, covering the protocols required to connect and secure the hardware, software, and communication layers, smoothing the complexities that occur behind the scenes to make easy charging happen.

· ISO 15118-1: General information and use-case definition

· ISO 15118-2: Network and application protocol requirements

· ISO 15118-3: Physical and data link layer requirements

· ISO 15118-4: Network and application protocol conformance test

· ISO 15118-5: Physical and data link layer conformance test

· ISO 15118-6: General information and use-case definition for wireless communication

· ISO 15118-20: 2nd generation network and application protocol requirements

ISO 15118 offers the following

Plug & Charge: By using this plug & Charge, EV driver simply plugs the vehicle into the charge point. Then, using the ISO 15118 interface, the EV identifies itself to the charging station, allowing for instant authorization for and the initiation of charging.

Security: providing a mechanism by which messages between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure can be encrypted and decrypted.

Authentication: Identifying and authorizing the vehicle to be charged without any action on the part of the driver.

Vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G): V2G enables the EV to transfer energy to grid and helps in maintaining the grid stability in case of peak demand.

All the OEM´s which adapts this standard needs to perform testing according to the tests specified in standard ISO 15118-4 and ISO 15118-5 to ensure that they comply to standard. There are several suppliers in market who provides these tests and test environment available which can be used as plug and play solution.

We are looking forward to providing you the right solutions.

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