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Model Based Development Approach – AUTOSAR

Reduce the risk of development delays by gradually adopting Model-Based Design. Start with a single project and build on initial successes by extending the use of your models and generating more code automatically. This allows you to achieve a return on investment (ROI) right from the start.

Autonomous driving, electrification, car-to-car, and end-to-end communications as well as smart assistant systems are only some of the focus topics of new and current products in the automotive industry. All these products show a clear trend: They are no longer systems of one single domain but become more and more "systems of systems". In order to cope with the increasing complexity, different methods and technologies for model-based system engineering are available on the market.

Typical challenges when migrating from the legacy software to AUTOSAR

• Software migration & complexity

• Variants management

• Configurator vs. implementer

• New technologies

We are looking forward to providing you the right solutions.

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