Who we are

S2 Technology is a group of passionate test engineers spread across the world obsessed with delivering high quality services to our customers. Teamwork is our art and commitment is our strength. Our foundation pillars are our experienced testing professionals with decades of cross functional experience in software testing. Customer satisfaction is our greatest priority and we actually aspire to thrive on it. Delivering quality services on time is our driving factor and it is embedded into the DNA of S2 associates.

Fast service - Reliably executed

We believe that software knowledge can assist the automotive sector in transitioning to a cleaner, safer, and more intelligent future. We are moving fast with our customers, employees, and partners using automotive technology, software integration, and rapid adoption of the latest technologies.

Expert talents for your Company

S2 Technology specializes in service portfolios that meet E-greatest mobility's difficulties. We are focused on mobility across the globe with a passionate staff. Customers can also benefit from modern technologies. An unrivaled team of experts with extensive experience in software development, test automation, test setup development, and systems integration's within the client's timeframe.

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