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Christians Event Hilton Hotel Intercultural Seminar, Bonn

Today’s world is increasingly diverse as companies embrace globalization and respond to the shifting landscape of the pandemic. The ability to effectively interact, work and develop meaningful relationships with professionals across different cultures and social groups is essential in a global workforce.

S2 Technology GmbH has provided international engineers working and living and companies in Germany with the necessary awareness, know-how and practical skills needed to become more effective interactions with colleagues and clients. S2 Technology GmbH is drawing on various experiences of different work approaches and communication skills. Personal development plan to address effective synergies with colleagues and clients.

Aim of the course: Explain the effect of cultural differences on interactions, define the culture adaptation process and develop a strategy to foster effective synergies with colleagues and clients, challenges of using English as an international working language and develop strategies to use it in an effective and inclusive way.

We are looking forward to providing you inhouse or Webinars intercultural Training.

S2 Technology GmbH - Expert Engineers with E-Mobility Passion

Last week’s Intercultural Training in Bonn at the Hilton Hotel with International engineers from the automotive industry. #culture#training#personaldevelopment#automotiveindustry#work

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