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Senior Software Engineer


Soest, Germany

  • Analysis of ECAS functions / use cases to determine specifications for engine control, valve timing, height control, etc.

  • Definition of requirements for algorithm, hardware, software systems for ECAS applications

  • Ability to assign performance requirements to the design and control of motors, valves, and height controls.

  • Search for innovative and cost-effective sensor system solutions for current and future automotive products

  • Evaluation and review of the performance of new ideas/architectures

  • Design and calculation for product developments for product elements

  • Support in securing the components and their validation and certification.

  • Supporting the further development of standards in development

Method Expert


Stuttgart, Germany

  • Planning, management, moderation, and monitoring of Six Sigma projects in all departments

  • Management and moderation of DRBFM in all departments

  • Independent preparation of analyses and derivation of recommendations for action to optimize processes.

  • Further development and implementation of a consistent problem-solving process

  • Leadership Scrum and Kanban method in development

"It doesn't make sense to hire smart people

and then tell them what to do;

we hire smart people

so they can tell us what to do."


Steve Jobs (Co-founder, Apple)


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